Here’s what some of our partner organizations are saying:

"The partnership between the Basilica of St. Mary and the Cars With Heart program has been excellent.

  • It allows our church to assist our parishioners in disposing of unwanted vehicles.
  • It helps us develop a closer relationship with the donor.
  • It provides us with financial gifts, which support the Ministries of the Basilica.

The Cars With Heart program allows us to better serve the needs of our parishioners and parish."

Tom Green,
The Basilica of St. Mary

"The partnership between TPT (Twin Cities Public Television) and Cars With Heart has helped us deliver our mission in the community. The Cars With Heart program is easy to implement and consistently profitable."

David Preston,
TPT (Twin Cities Public Television)

"The Animal Humane Society is grateful to offer animal lovers another option to support our programs and services through this unique Cars With Heart program."

Jennifer Newberg,
Animal Humane Society

"The Cars With Heart program is designed to help non-profit organizations broaden their fundraising reach without adding overhead or specialized skills."

Erik Skie,
Larsen Allen

"Our new vehicle donation program has taken off far faster and easier than we ever would have guessed. Working with Cars With Heart allowed us to begin to easily and readily accept such donations, which we did not previously. Even better is the fact that this program takes very little in resource time or investment by our parish. The program is well organized and works so smoothly. Plus, our parishioners are pleased to be able to donate their cars to their own church and school. It has really been a win-win all the way around."

Deborah O’Halloran,
Director of Parish Operations
Nativity Of Our Lord Catholic Church