Recycle your old car by donating it to a cause you love.
Because the best car for the environment is a used car.

While hybrids seem like the best choice for the environment, it takes 113 million BTUs of energy to make a hybrid auto. Because there are 113,000 BTUs of energy in a gallon of gasoline, a hybrid vehicle has consumed the equivalent of 1,000 gallons of gasoline before it even reaches the dealer! This energy spent in manufacturing won’t pay off until the hybrid has reached over 46,000 miles.

"The car-manufacturing industrial complex is the largest source of industrial pollution on earth. It’s been said that purchasing a new car is the single most polluting thing you can do in your buying a used car, you’ll cut down on all kinds of resources used in the manufacturing process, you’ll save a nice chunk of money, and you’ll be reusing something that would otherwise get ground up and mostly deposited in a landfill."

Good for the environment—good for the local economy
It’s common knowledge that used cars are a smart economic choice. A new car loses at least 30 percent of its value in the first two years of ownership. It’s also worthwhile to consider: money spent purchasing and servicing a used car stays in the local economy instead of going off to another city or a foreign country.