The Cars With Heart Vehicle Donation Program is an easy, effective way to supplement your fund-raising. You will be given direction and support from Cars With Heart. Once you sign on to partner with Cars With Heart, you should publicize the vehicle donation program to your donor base. Then, either through our on-line scheduling tool or by calling 1-800-477-1335, donors can donate their vehicles to your charity. Cars With Heart collects the required information and documents and oversees the pick-up; sale and title transfer of the vehicle and provides tax forms to your donors. Cars With Heart subtracts its costs and delivers the net proceeds to your charity. In addition, Cars With Heart also provides an accounting that details the donor, sale, costs and donation specifics.

Features and Benefits for your Charity

  1. Turn-Key Program: Cars With Heart does all the work
  2. Benefits to your Donors
  3. No Costs to Charity or Donors
  4. Tax Information
  5. Proven High Returns
  6. Accepts any vehicle, running or not
  7. Cars With Heart handles all donor questions and regulation compliance.
  8. Sign on online and Go.
  9. How to have a Successful Program: Create, Run, Maintain: Marketing Support and Resources.
  10. Time Lines.
  11. Detailed Reports of sales, costs and donor information.
  12. Who is Cars With Heart?


Turn-Key Program: Cars With Heart does all the work

Simply by signing on, your Charity receives the benefits, expertise, and resources of the Cars With Heart Vehicle Donation Program. Cars With Heart currently services non-profits nationwide. The program and its processes have been successful and have been driving the causes of charities since 2002. By signing on, your charity is provided with its own web form where donors need only click through to "DONATE" or call the 1-800 number to complete the donation process. Cars With Heart oversees the pick-up, sale, title and accounting and remits the net proceeds to your Charity.




Benefits to your Donors

  • An opportunity to help their favorite charity.
  • Eliminates the cost of a rarely used car.
  • Creates a potentially favorable tax deduction.
  • A free, easy and secure alternative to selling or trading their vehicle.

Donation is a mouse-click or phone call away.


Costs of the Program

There is no upfront cost to your Charity or to the donor. The costs of turning the vehicle into cash and running the Program are deducted from the gross sales price. Cars With Heart will GUARANTEE that every donation we process on your behalf will result in a positive return, there will never be any NEGATIVES to your Charity.


Tax Information

Cars With Heart will enable your donors to receive the maximum tax benefit available to them under the current tax code. A tax deduction equal to the sales price of the vehicle is available for donors who itemize their deductions. For vehicles sold for less than $500, donors can deduct the fair market value up to $500. In each case, your donor will receive a tax receipt or IRS Form 1098C reflecting the sale price of the vehicle within 30 days of its sale. Cars With Heart does not give tax advice. It is the donor’s responsibility to properly account for vehicle donations. For more information from the IRS about a tax deduction for a vehicle donation, go to: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p4303.pdf


Proven High Returns

Cars With Heart maximizes returns by using a nationwide vehicle re-marketing company. The Cars With Heart sales network delivers access to the largest possible arena of used-vehicle markets, through live and on-line auctions as well as a network of auto recyclers. Cars With Heart manages the sale by choosing the market that best fits the vehicle donated, all to maximize the sales price received. Cars With Heart deducts the program cost and commission for its services and sends the net proceeds back to your Charity. In addition, Cars With Heart sends the 1098-C IRS tax form to the donor and your Charity. Cars With Heart will GUARANTEE that every donation we process on your behalf will result in a positive return, there will never be any NEGATIVES to your Charity.


Accepts any vehicle, anywhere, running or not

We accept cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, jet-ski’s, boats, heavy equipment, aircraft, etc. On your behalf, Cars With Heart manages the collection of the donation, pick-up information and sale of the donation. Cars With Heart’s national network of tow companies, auctions and recyclers allows us to convert any donation into cash for your Charity. If donors have a unique item, they are urged to call 1-800-477-1335 for assistance


Cars With Heart handles all donor questions and regulation compliance

We have a full time service center that does nothing but handle all donor questions about pick-up appointments, the status of vehicles, sales details, and other common questions donors have. We respond directly to donors who send us emails. Cars With Heart provides donors with all necessary tax forms and information.


Instant on-line Sign On

Once you sign on, you can begin using the program. Your Charity will get instructions on how to put a Vehicle Donation Icon on your web page. Your Charity will also benefit from our array of proven marketing campaigns that can be accessed online or with the assistance of our staff. These tools will enable your Charity to deliver a concise vehicle donation message to your donors.


How to have a Successful Program: Set-up, Launch, Sustain; Marketing support and resources

a. Set-Up: Cars With Heart provides you with online access to detailed instructions and direct assistance for getting the Program Icon on your own web site or on your "Donate/Support" page, so that supporters can easily find the Program and follow its easy instructions.

b. Launch: Make all of your supporters aware that when they are ready to donate a vehicle, you want it! Most supporters do not have a car to donate now, so the purpose of the Launch is to become and stay "Top-of-Mind". Cars With Heart provides detailed instructions and marketing materials to help you get the word out.

c. Sustain: Cars With Heart provides you with an overall strategy and the Marketing Support and Resources for all of the media that you use (newsletters, mailers, customizable ad slicks, radio spots, back-pack mail, email blasts, etc.) to stay top-of-mind with your supporters.


Time Lines

Vehicles are usually picked up within 48 hours of the time that the donation is scheduled and ready for pick up. It usually takes between 30-45 days from the time the vehicle is picked-up until the vehicle transaction is completed. Net cash proceeds are delivered to your Charity within 12 business days of the completed transaction. At any time in the process, our team members can give status updates.


Detailed Reports of sales, costs, donor info

Cars With Heart provides detailed reports of each donation and detailed accounting of each sale, its costs, fees and net distribution. It also provides pertinent donor information so your Charity can choose the dialogue you wish with your donor. Your Charity receives a personal pin number that gives you online information to track the accounts of both your Charity and your donors.


Who is Cars With Heart

Since 2002, Cars With Heart has been providing vehicle donation programs to local and national non profit organizations. We have helped thousands of satisfied people donate vehicles nationwide. We will continue to add this value added service in hopes to driving your cause.